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Sentinel Imports specializes in monitoring imports of Agricultural Chemicals and intermediates into the United States for the agricultural chemical industry. Sentinel Imports currently tracks over 140 molecules for a variety of companies. Clients can subscribe to receive information on any number of chemicals, depending on their individual needs.

The company principal, Don Hennenfent has worked in the agricultural chemical field since 1976. He has held positions with Elanco Products, Rohm and Haas Company and Maritz Marketing Research. His education includes an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

Sentinel Imports Advantage

Reports are delivered in Excel pivot table format for easy manipulation and analysis.

Reports are typically delivered each month by the end of the following month and can be customized for individual companies.

Because clients may download their report from this website their data is always available.


Sentinel Imports can provide individual reports in Tableau format. Contact us for pricing detail.


Typical reports are delivered monthly and include (when available):

  • Shipper
  • Consignee Quantity Formulation
  • Estimated Lbs ai
  • Import values, plus shipping and insurance (CIF)

In addition to standard format monthly reports, Sentinel Imports can provide customized reports and is available for ad hoc projects.

Data Sources

To provide the client with the most current and accurate data, Sentinel Imports utilizes multiple sources of information:

  • Sentinel Imports utilizes Datamyne as the primary source of maritime import and export data.
  • EPA Freedom of Information requests can frequently provide information on air and Land Imports
  • Trade data from the department of Commerce is used to track import values

Tracked Molecules

An example of some of the currently tracked Molecules

2,4-D Esfenvalerate Iprodione Chlorpyrifes
Ethephon Metribuzin Clethodim Fosetyl-Al
Oxyfluorfen Clopyralid Glyphosate Picloram
Clothianidin Imazapic Propiconazole Cyfluthrin
Imazapyr Propyzamide Deltamethrin imazethapyr
Trifluralin Dicamba Imidacloprid Triclopyr


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